Wedding card/book

My mother was invited to a wedding and the grooms didn't want any presents but told everyone that they like beautiful cards. My mother wanted me to make a large card that she could place some money into it and she wanted the card to be able to stand out as a present as well as a card.

I asked her to contact the grooms and ask them what their favorite color was. So with blue and purple as my guide I started on this card. I wanted the card to be masculine but at the same time with a little feminine touch.

I struggled a bit with the flowers but decided on wanting to have a single big flower as a focus with the smaller ones around.

When you open up the card you can lift up the first page and place money or other small items in there.


  1. Ekkert smá fallegt kort i einstaklega fallegum litum :)

  2. Takk fyrir það Aneta :D Var ótrúlega ánægð með það í alla staði.