Old digital pages - Part 1

I was going through a photo folder on my server and noticed that I haven't posted some of my stuff anywhere so I figured what better way than to post them on my blog and Facebook page for others to enjoy :) So for the next few days I will be posting some old layouts and cards I made a while back and I hope you like them.

I'm going to start with some digital pages I made while I was on the KaBoks Creative Team. I had never done any digital pages before I got the opportunity to join their design team and had a lot of fun making them.

One page with a photograph of my smiling daughter.

 This one has a photo of our English Springer Spaniel Astro. He was playing with our daughter outside on the deck with water balloons, which are his absolute favorite. He is like a kid in a candy store when he sees them, bouncing around like Tigger and trying to steal them from our daughters hands if he feels she's not throwing them fast enough. He really makes an effort on trying to catch them without destroying them and then loves to play with them.


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